Thursday, August 19, 2010

fatiha hanim tolong aku....plis2

really need ur help..
ur support..
ur courage..
ur everything....

im tired of forcing myself to love english study...
im tired of writing essays..
im tired of thinking...
im tired of smiling...n everytime when madam came to my class
gave tasks by half and hour
n sometimes a week
i just asked myself to do it..
and tried to chill...even sometimes i felt like i wanna scream...
and yes i did it...but deep inside in myheart..
can you feel it hanim???
how hard it was....

but then, i realised...
it is for my own sake...
i cant push es away...because it is part of my life now..

and i know..
i need to read a lot...

btw hanim...
i just got my coursework...
and it is killing me...

and try to smile and pretend that

["yeah..well, it's ok...just have fun with that"]




rayyan wildan said...

sero nop suko guling2 aku bco..
anyway ilex ar..juz do it!
follow wat da requirements needed 4 dat particular essemen den u can pass!hahaha
dats my philosophy la..
dunt try dats at home k..huhu
but somehow its better den SS..huhu
anyway essemen psal gpo ni??
TKAM??y so late ha??huhuhu..
TKAM is ok wat..da points r all there..anyway do u have notes on TKAM?i have it b4, but now its all gone bcoz of da viruses..huhu..
but u can consult me n i can help u as long as i can..
come on la i'm ur senior beb!

Mardhiyah Maidin said...

sabo mmg pn coursework es...mmg bnyak la the end of the coursework, i hv 2 call u epahspears...ganti shakespears..hehehe