Friday, March 16, 2012

untuk EZACK and EYERIN


Though miles may lie between us, 
we are never far apart,
for friendship doesn't count miles
its measure by the heart.

My heart is now

Reading your latest entry  entitled Awkward suddenly wakes me up.
it has been 5 years since the last year we talked to each other. *minus the telephone call you have made.
it was 2007...
how awkward would i be to talk to you soon when  we meet again.
ahahaha.. damn!!

Zim @ Eyerin.
hoi hoi hoi....even we live under the same flag which i mean  jalur gemilang which it means Malaysia, it is so hard to see each other right.. ?huahuahua.. MasyaAllah. what has happened to us..Oh, wait, absence makes the heart grows fonder wonder lah i miss u damn much!>.<
p/s : free roger la aku... ceit..aku ase aku lah paling x free..haha

weii, aku wat sendiri nih..
it  looks  funny right..arghhh!! i know TT__TT

epadzz: : skali skali wat entry camni, rase cam sweet pulak..oh~

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cahaya kemuliaanku said...

xmungkin. 5 tahun??? seyes??

wuwuwuwuwuwuwu. shuweeet pahhhh. shuweeettttt. nnt aku balas balik. prOmised. hihihi