Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Feeling of Rejection


Just now in Mr. Iskandar lecture....

Who is in this class has experienced any rejection?

I was very shocked when he asked us such  killing question.

You got me sir. -.-'
Right on the moment when i am trying hard not to think about it anymore..

I was like running away from the class.  It struck like a thunder, hitting me right on the spot without any light of its signal. 


I hate the feeling.

So, as a conclusion, never reject ideas or answers from your students..Muahahaha

epadzz: : Nani cakap belog aku jiwang. Mane ada lah.


Ms. Dot said...

haha,,blog mu tulis pasal jiwo,,blog jiwo la,,ke bukan? hehe

yang arif said...

bukan bukan bukan
aku tulis pasal hidup, buke jiwo..haha