Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Esok kan tiba jua


Cheewah tajuk entry macam hot jer. Muahaha.
Cut the "merepekness" short.

Actually tomorrow will be my last day for my practicum.
This morning, I happened to walk pass by 1 Amanah's class.
They saw me.
"Teacher Nur, bila teacher nak ajar lagi?"

This week is an examination week.
I never came into their class for 4 days, including this day.
Allah. I miss them so much.
That's why I took the long way to Teacher's Room just to see what were they doing.

"Teacher Nur, bila teacher nak ajar lagi?"
"Okay, tomorrow, I'll be in your class."

They all ternganga. Tak faham la tu.

"Okay, esok Teacher masuk kelas."

As always, I had to translate the language. I tried to use English as often as I can, just to make them familiar with the language. I hope so.

my little pumpkins :)

Oh. Tomorrow will come though I never wanted it to come. *tipu..haha
Never mind..

Setiap pertemuan akan ada perpisahan. :)


epadzz: : hey you. stop playing with my heart!

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