Friday, April 12, 2013

Great Teacher Nur -.-'


Alhamdulillah. I have gone through my first observation by my lecturer. Honestly, I was a little bit frustrated with my classroom management. Had I implemented all the theories learnt before. Well, proudly said No! Never mind, as long as the pupils love me, nothing much bothered. [do they?] haha. No laah~ I'm actually don;t really mind about the observation. I am now learning how to cope with children. I am now learning how to plan lessons. I am now learning how to establish rules. I am now learning how to control my emotions. I am now learning how to forget my problems by keeping myself busy with all these teacher-so-call stuffs. I am now Teaher Nur. wakaka.

And hi there dearest friend. Take care of yourself :)

punishment is not for torturing pupils.
it is a way of teaching them

*muncung mulut kene denda. wakaka

epadzz: : smile :)

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