Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alone, single and penakut.


On that night I was alone in the house. It was almost 2 o'clock in the morning. I was still feeling fresh. No signs of sleepy. Not even a yawn. But I forced myself to get on the bed. I pulled the blanket up then regretted myself of having a cup of Nescafe along with my father that evening. The result was there, I could not sleep.

The moment I tried to close my eyes, I heard something from the front door. It was like someone is knocking the door. Oh damn! My father just told me not to open the door when he's not around that evening before he went to night shift. Gile sape ketuk pintu rumah pagi-pagi buta ni.

What to do? Otoke? Nak buat apa nih?!

Aku diam kejap. I waited for a while. I was about to go to the front to check.  Then, all the psycho stories I've read before, all the scary movies I've watched before started to come in to my mind. Don't go! Don't go! Baik kau stay dalam bilik jer. Kunci! Duk diam-diam.

I hate being alone at home plus in the night.

I did not know what should I do.
To cry?
To pretend that I'd heard nothing?
To call my father?
To just sleep?

Aku capai handphone, type mesej, "Dah tido ke?" and forwarded that message to some of my friends. Hahaha. Then, aku gelak sorang-sorang mengenangkan betapa penakutnya aku ni. Alhamdulillah. Kawan aku replied. Dalam banyak-banyak kawan, sorang jer replied. It's okay than none.

Kawan: Ada lagi ni. Why?
Aku: Aku duk sesorang kat rumah ni.
Kawan: Oh, mana yang lain?
Aku: Bla..blaa..blaaa..
Kawan: Tu la, aku suruh kahwin tak nak. Kalau tak, takde la kena duk sesorang mcm tu!
Aku: (damn! dia start dah) Elehh, kalau kawin pun, kalau husband aku kerja aku sesorang gak.
Kawan: Hishhh..Lain..lain..
Aku: Blaaaa, Blaaaa...(malas layan)

Menyesal pulak aku mesej. -.-'


And I really hate it when people talk about getting married (buat masa sekarang) .. hehehe.. Why? Because I don't want to be separated from my family yet. My friends too, of course! Nanti-nantilah nak cakap pasal kahwin pun. Bukan sekarang.

I am not waiting for anyone. I just wait for the right time to come. Then, I'll seriously think about it.

Oh, back to my story...

I fell asleep while texting. In the morning, My friend sent me a message, "Ape yang ketok pintu rumah kau semalam?"


The end.

being single is not lonely. it just we enjoy ourselves to be at peace alone.

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