Sunday, February 23, 2014

Woke up late


I woke up late in this morning.
6.30 a.m
Oh Rabb.. a bit clumsy this morning. I left my room in a mess. My deodorant fell on the floor. Pangggg! Broken into peaces. Pieces of glass were everywhere.
I reached school at 7.40 a.m..
All teachers and pupils were in the assembly.
Oh Rabb, I was so embarrassed.
I, confidently went to the assembly. Yeah. Confident. The most important thing to have.
Took my seat. Just behind the headmaster.
Oh Rabb, I wish I was not rejected from the list of his "menantu" wakaka!

I might not have a good beginning this day.
But soon when I saw the pupils, my spirit raised.
I just could not wait to go and see them in the classroom.

I just had a bad beginning of the day but my day turned awesome because of the children.
Love them tight!

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