Sunday, March 23, 2014

Run away!


I think that I should start a move. Angkat kaki, lari.
There's nothing worth fighting for anymore.
Everything seems like all my faults.
I never thought that it would end like this.
Like hell you know.
After all that I've done, this is what I have in return.
A stupid accusation.
Backstabbing people! Backstabbing!
My heart has broken into pieces bro.

I have promised myself long time ago that I would never post something like this in my blog. But today, I broke it. I have no where else to shout out my disappointments. After all bro..After all.. I don't know how you look at me as a friend. Yeah, I know you have bunches of friends. Losing me is not matter to you. At all.  I know. But please, I have a heart. A heart bro. Do you want me to explain to you what is a heart?? You have yours too and you should know that how hurt it is when someone you love accuses you to do something you never did. I am so disappointed.

Forgive me for all my wrongdoings for you and I have forgiven you long time ago. Don't forget that Allah is the most forgiving.

I am hurt. The accusation really hurts me. Really.

epadzz : : i should listen to my mother long time ago and now i regret that what she said has became true.

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