Wednesday, December 15, 2010

quote that makes you realize things!!

All things in life change, 
it happens with valid reason
 so if you doubt why it happens to you,
 stick to this:

 "we can never learn to be brave and patient if there’s only joy in the world"

learn how to forget and learn how to forgive..

easier talk than done!!

but, if u never try something 
you will never know everything!!

never lose hope!!
live life to the fullest,,
keep moving on..



faizunnisaqsulman said...

right now i'm more into forget but not forgive muahahahhahaha [evil laugh]

epadzz zainal said...

in ur case..
he doesnt deserve ur forgiveness..
org macam tuh buang kt laut china selatan..
biar mati terkapar-kapar..hi3

PUCCAnis said...

yang benar tu tuan hambe epadzz

sekuk tawa said...

pah3..alos..payoh nyo aku nok belek kamuh..ahah kot oram puntis nah..

Eyerin Aziz said...

if u never try
you'll never know.. =)

epadzz zainal said...

anis: hehe :)

jijiE: owoh jie..ayt basic jah tu..hehe

zim: yes :)