Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ya Rasulullah, syafaatkan kami


it has been a long time since i wrote my last entry.
i never cant stop writing..yup, i did not realize untill
one day, came a friend.
she said..."please, do wirte in your blog"
"share something, not for me, not for the people out there"
"then for whom?"i asked...
atleast for yourself dear..i know you love to write, dont you?

yes..i am...
yes..for me..not for the people out there.
unless they get something from my entries
i appreciate it..

Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habiballah...
merinduimu adalah sesuatu yang tidak dapat ku gambarkan..

Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habiballah..
ku ingin menatap wajahmu...

Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habiballah...
mencintaimu adalah paling terindah..

Ya Rasulullah, Ya Habiballah...
aku ingin menjadi kekasimu

Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim..
kuatkan hati-hati kami untuk mengikuti cara hidup Rasulullah

epadzz: : masih panjangkan hidupku untuk terus berselawat kepada mu ya Rasulullah :(

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