Monday, February 20, 2012



dah dekat sebulan tak balik rumah..rasa kehilangan sesuatu..lame tak dengar ayah baca muntakab hadis..lame tak dengar umi mengaji pagi-pagi lepas subuh. i'm feeling so empty inside without hearing all those things for such a long time..agak tersentap bila ada cadangan nak wat replacement class this thursday..profesionally, i dont mind..honestly..let it be done..let we settle down the credit hours..then, let me go home.. :)

tomorrow is my ummi birthday..barakallahulak wa sanah hilwah ya ummi :)

ya them..bless them..

p/s: i realize what i was missing by being apart from them...Allah

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cahaya kemuliaanku said...

ada org yg sudah 5 bln xjumpa parents, pah.. ; (

yang arif said...

it's different dear.
i'm living near them yet i never went back a month.. what kind of daughter am i.