Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tudung Labuh


As requested by my dearest Mardhiyah Maidin
I'd, finally, made a 'tudung labuh' for her.
She requested one from me since weeks ago.
But, I really got not enough time to fulfill hers.

As I'd made  a promise to her.
So, today...
Done. one for her..

For me?

I am not yet ready to wear a tudung labuh :)
Am familiarizing myself with tudung bidang 50..
sometimes 60..
Maybe one day.
Pray for me.

A tudung labuh for Yaa..

epadzz: : I would like to say, thank you so much to a guy who once scolded me of wearing tudung singkat [aka wardina's style yang letak satu atas kepala tu] in front of his friend  and my friend too. I swear to God that I was really ashamed by that incident. You and your out spoken attitude had changed me a lot! Jazakallah bro..

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