Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself  [edisi tak lengkap sebab malas]


Haishh..lame betul sangat dah tak merepek dalam blog.
Malas sebenarnya.
Tambah dengan takda pape yang nak tulis.
Diam ni sebenarnya lebih baik dari berkata-kata yang tak berfaedah.
Bila check balik, 70% daripada entry aku rasa nya tak berfaedah.

Nevermind, aku menulis sebenarnya nak hilangkan bosan saja.
Tulis untuk bacaan diri sendiri kemudian hari.

There were days I felt like i just couldnt go on...
and sometimes I feel down.
I feel very weak.
and can't do things I love at all..
I can't help myself asking why things turned out to be this way.
This is not what I've imagined before.

Whatever it is...
I accept all that happen with my very wide open heart.
Nothing is meant to remain forever.
Even once, it is all yours..

I forgot many things like;

Playing badminton is good for my health.

Eating too much will gain my weight.

Sleep all day long is bad for my body metabolism [?]

"Awat anak Zainal ni tebal-tebal belaka"


Whenever you feel sad, just remember that, there are billions of cells in your body and all  they care about is you!!


Take care of yourself..please get out from your problem.....open your eyes, there are doors. choose one. and be free. :)

epadzz: : what? sapa suh baca.? hahaha... entry sampah jer ni. :D

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