Friday, March 15, 2013

Nota kaki untuk kawan



i just finished chatting with my beloved sister. know what, i was surprised by knowing that she's finally......teetttt.. let it be a secret between me n her. wahaha..

sister: ado gewe doh?
me: i don't have any and i don't want to have any right now!

do you know how much courage do i need to say that?


sister: suruh la ayh carikan sorang [future husband]
me: what for? i dont even want to get married in this age. find a husband for me? wait until i have all the courages to forget all the sh** things happened to me in these few years. [dalam hati]

do you know how many people get suffered because they finally realize that love has changed them into a slave. A slave to what/whom they love.  Wake up! Walk out!

if you do love someone. pray to Allah. pray to Allah so that Allah will open her/his heart for you... keep praying.

p/s: this is for a friend. hope she will read this with a smile on her face. i am not good in writing but i hope she will get something from this, Aamiin.

p/s/s: i really dont have any interest to talk about love, marriage n what not. :)

p/s/s: tidakkah kita ingin Allah berasa senang kepada kita, malah lebih daripada itu sebenarnya kita inginkan kerana kecintaan Allah kepada hamba-hambaNya adalah yang teragung, manakan terbanding dengan cinta manusia yang bersifat sementara.

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