Thursday, March 21, 2013



Alhamdulillah. we just passed our hectic weeks. no more drama practices. frankly speaking i miss the times we had together during the practices. though there were some annoying moments that made me wanted to kick somebody's *** , it really taught me so much things. seriously, i can proudly say that i could hold myself from being selfish even there were a lot of things had to be done. May Allah grant us pahala for our hardworks. for the sincerity of our manners towards others. Aamiin.

oh. i didn't expect that i would act that crazy. it was unplanned! i actually nervous at that time. It made me soooooooo lost my mind. I couldnt hear the background music. I entered the hall too early. I forgot almost everything what i had practiced all this while. what to do? so i held my head high and be my own self. I could be anything without my spectacles. :) truth be told the moment i entered the hall i just thought what if i made a mistake. Pijun would kill me. Yes, she would. haha.. she inspired me a lot!!! tq darling :)

therewas a flashmode behind all these thing...

5 hours before the performance....

"I want to be the center of attention tonight"

I actually whispered the doa after I performed my asar prayer. hihihih..

Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah. I really did it :)
this is a handsome minister by the name of Salehuddin Al-Arifahi..kahkahakh..
tapi, lukisan misai akhirnya ditukar untuk memenuhi kriteria seorang 'silly minister'

please scroll down to see

'the silly minister'

i am the silly minister.... :)

we had successfully presented the 'poker face princess'
looking forward for the rest 3 production houses presenting their drama... :)

epadzz: : aku tak kesah nampak hodoh nak mam pakai macam gini...haha


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