Tuesday, June 18, 2013



The phone rang. The contact name appeared with the picture. I smiled. I waited for a few seconds and answered the call..

"Moshi moshi.."

Bla Bla Bla Bla.....

End of the conversation...

I cried my heart out after listening to the story of mybestfriend's life.. Well, it is life dear friend.

If you read this.

For me, life is a series of making decisions. The decision you made will lead you to another stages of your life. Still, if you did not make the decision, your life go on but the better decision you made, the better life you will have later. The problem of your life is not really a problem. The way you treat the problem is actually the problem. I, personally, had thought that life is not fair. I felt broken heart before. I tried to love and tried to be loved, but it ended up the worst thing I ever experienced in my life. So, I stopped dwelling on things in the past, I stopped clinging onto old memories for I know by not  doing those things [dwell+cling]  my life is way better than before.  I had made my decision. Soon I found myself another self that is Me now!

May some motivational quotes inspire you.

#Never have thought to build any relationships with any men yet. wakaka.

epadzz: : rasa kecewa itu lahir dari hati yang benar-benar terluka. muahaha.

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suha said...

worth reading :)
hidup ni rumit kan?hahaha how wish yg kite mmpu kembali ke dunia budak kecik at anytime