Sunday, June 9, 2013



To be honest, i am not a kind of ulat buku. ulat bulu lagi laaa...
However, I love theories of conspiracies.
I just read them. GOshhh.. my mum is worried about that. muahaha.

Before semester break that day, I got 3 novels to be read.
One, (Aku Bercerita) is done.
And for now, i am wasting my time reading two novels.
Not suggested by anyone.
Just trying my best to finish them during this semester break.

Hatiku di Harajuku
9 Nyawa.

Both written by Ramlee Awang Murshid.

Ok. for now. Off to Shah Alam.

epadzz: : oh please...don;t ask! I'm okay!

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Ms. Dot said...

wuyoo! jalan2!!!