Monday, July 1, 2013

Get mad? Keep cool :)


Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa aku kerana telah menyimpan marah terhadap manusia. Hilangkan rasa panas di jiwa ini.aamiin.

How exactly he would feel if someone said BODOH to any of his children. Would he get mad or just smile like an idiot. I really dun understand with this kind of people. What he thinks bodoh means? Does BODOH mean "good, you're doing great"? How many wrinkles on your face do you have yet you do not know how to speak with respect to your student. Oh God! BODOH means STUPID sir! I repeat BODOH mean STUPID.

Sometimes, I just think that some people don't deserve our respects as they never show theirs. I just hope that you guys act professional and don't bring your personal problem along with you during your discussion on formal matter. Terima Kasih encik.

epadzz: : huahuahua. i'm cool...

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