Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Allahummasolli'ala muhammad wa'ala aalihi wasobbihi wasallam .. I Miss You, Muhammad s.a.w

Salam 'alaik dear readers :)
It has been weeks since my last entry.  My writing skills are getting worse, plus my passion in writing slowly fades away. Dunno what to write anymore. I've stop this activity because of my busyness. Teaching is quite fun, but dealing with the kids really turns my hair white. I never thought that my life would turn this way. I mean, I am quite an active teacher recently. Whoa! I just fell in love with this profession except for the lesson plans writing. My practicum mates are also very supportive. We share thoughts everyday. They are also as crazy as me. This is one of the reasons I enjoy my practicum.  I come to school without stress, and go home with a smile. However, my supervisor is quite a rigid person. But I like the way he motivates us. Hohohoho~ whatever. As long as I love my jobs, there;s no need to worry about the mark given by him. I promise myself that I will do my best.  I do it because of, my intention is only to get redha Allah... :)

Insha Allah....

advanced pupils sometimes easily get bored. prepare fun activities for them :)

children works always impress me :)

don't underestimate them... Fadhlurrahman, one of the hyperactive boys (there are many) from the last class of year one. He coloured this drawing and can you spot something impressive?? yes, he added his own green and white with a full moon flag.
A big clap for him... :)

last but not least..semangat hidup aku.

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