Friday, August 30, 2013



Long time no see. Hope everybody is doing well. I miss you guys so much that I cannot describe my feeling here. Everyone seems busy with own life..It's normal. It's good to know all of you are busy making your life wonderful! It's great to know that you guys are happy n happier than yesterday. Just keep all these up! I won't forget to pray for all of you............ :)) Heyy! I am busy too. Busy keeping myself away from all the distractions. You guys are not included in the distractions mentioned. Please. do not worry! Life is sometimes hard huh! Smile. Just keep smiling. Someone out there might be healed by that smile. you never know.

One more left....
It is better to know and be disappointed rather than not to know but always wonder. I hold tight to this!

Some of you may have your own principle. Mind to share??? :)

Gottogo. Going to miss everybody!

epadzz: : I am not waiting for anyone. I just wait for the right time to come. :)

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