Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smile: Inspired by Adik Spicy


I am just in a good mood :)

Let us go straight to my story.

There is a restaurant that we used to always spend our money there [we always spent money on food..haha].  It's near to my house so it take us for about 3 to 5 minutes to get there by a car.  There is nothing special about that restaurant. It's an ordinary place that ppl normally go to eat when they're hungry. Until that one day, I realized that they got a new waiter. He is a boy. Younger than me.

I went there again with my housemates. I saw that boy busy taking orders. Tables by tables.  He went to the back then came to the front. Went to the back, came to the front. He worked non stop. The time he passed by my table, he smiled at me. I nodded then smiled too.

The other day, I went to the restaurant again. I had dinner with my friends. I saw him again. He worked hard. He worked hard and the smile stayed there on his face. Every time he passed by customer tables, he smiled at them. I like his attitude.

I could not forget the time when he wanted to take the orders from us. He pulled a chair and sat in front of me. His face obviously told us that he was really tired. Then, he smiled at us. "Nok make gapo kak hari ni?"
We all laughed. He laughed too. He is very kind boy.

Just now we went there again. He was working. He saw us and smiled. When we were about to leave, I saw him sitting at the corner of the kitchen. He looked tired. We could see that when he's tired, the smile slowly faded away from his face. I hope that he would always smile to us, to the customers, to the people around him because the smile sometimes might heal us :)

Oh btw, I call him Adik Spicy.

smile. it looks good on you.

epadzz: : I believe that a smile can change a world!

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