Monday, September 16, 2013



Sesungguhnya banyak perkara di dalam dunia ini bila kita fikir balik, kita pasti takkan dapat jawapannya. Kalau dapat jawapan pun, jawapan tu tak mampu memuaskan hati kita.

I couldn't help myself laughing my heart out after watching a video clip of Stonehenge song sang by Ylvis. I don't know who the heck are them.  After reviewing 2 to 3 of their songs, all I can is, they are totally awesome! and now, all i have thought is about Stonehenge!

"Why did they build the Stonehenge?"
"What is the meaning of the Stonehenge?"
"Who built that Stonehenge?"
"What is purpose of the Stonehenge? A giant granite birthday cake or a prison far too easy to escape?"
"What's the deal of the Stonehenge?"

Those are the obvious questions came out from their minds that made me tortured myself to think about it too! What a song!

epadzz::wanna go there...ok! listed in my wishlist...

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