Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kawan Kapal


People say..

"Life is a series of making decisions"

For things that happened recently, they had opened my heart to see and feel the truth. Truth is always hurt by the way. Nonetheless, it awakes you, warns you, and actually brings you back to senses that you cannot, in fact cling onto something for too long. *Smile*

I have made my decision. 

I will never give up on our friendships. Old or new. Past or present. But then, I am not me in years back. I am who I am as in today. Limits and boundaries set. No matter how much I've hurt by the name of friendship, look, I am still here, begging, for this relationship not to end yet. But, let's together put aside the stones of ego that block our way back to each other. 

I have once said...
I love you because of Allah...
and today, I want to say it again...

Uhibbukum lillah... inshaAllah...

epadzz: : semoga Allah permudah.

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