Sunday, June 29, 2014

As a Trainee Teacher....


It has been a while since the last entry. I am here now to some sort share my experiences during my practical last semester. I am actually preparing myself for the internship in not more than a week time from now. Last practical was the best practical I ever experienced in my life. I love the school, the administrators, teachers, students even the staffs there. Yeah, sekolah kampung, parents there are also nice and kind towards me and other trainee teachers. I love waking up early in the morning to just go to the school. What a routine! However, it really wasn't a matter to me. [for now]

Huh! It sounds good right? I am not that good actually but I really enjoy teaching. I didn't know since when I've got that spirit for the in the beginning it was not my choice. Hehehe. I learnt how to redha. Perhaps, Allah has opened my heart.

Will continue my writing...
Happy breaking fast...

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