Monday, July 7, 2014

As a Trainee Teacher #2


Today is  my first day at school for my internship. What is actually internship? Went to school without knowing the fact about 'internship'. What a mistake! All I know about internship is "the act of dealing with people". Am I right? What if I left. Oh man, who get my joke. Never mind..... -.-"

Have so much tasks to do during this internship and now I am having brain freeze because of those tasks. What to do. My lecturer is very dedicated to give such extra tasks during my internship. I am not babbling, I just feel like sharing..hahaha.. Lah sangat kan.

It sokay. Ni kan last year. Last semester lg. Like it or not terpaksalah. Kalau ko nak grad you better do your best. Even pointer ko dah macam ape kan. Redha. Redha. Your fate is already written up there. Don;t worry. What;s for you wont pass you by kannnn..

Oh Okayyy guys.. Happy fasting. Selamat beribadat juga dalam bulan Ramadan yang mulia ni k!'

really can't wait for you to come into my life...even in my dream.
hahaha.. kbai!

epadzz: : i am officially bonda to addin habib... xoxo addin..

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