Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lack of motivation.


| This is serious|

As always, too much works to do but yet still not making any move. As always, wasting times doing nothing important. As always, keep repeating the same chores. As always,  I feel like I am the laziest person in the world and sadly ended up sleeping with tasks unsettled. I am not as ambitious as other friends who always improving themselves towards better individuals. I lack of motivation. I feel like I need some, but I never seek for that. I am positive that I am included in "golongan orang-orang yang rugi.." Sad but true. Hahaha. Aku rasa tahap aku ni dah reached level kronik tak boleh nak sembuh lagi. hoho. Kidding :P

I cannot feel my future. I have no pictures of it at all. What will I be. How will I survive. Seriously, for this time being aku memang blur. I need help. Really.

Sometimes, I envy my friends who have officially finished their studies with flying colours.  Seriously, to compare with them, I am far away to reach their level. *malu* I am way too behind.. I know, Allah dah tetapkan rezeki masing-masing, tapi aku tak usaha. As mentioned before, I lack of motivation.

Final year ni memang ada sindrom insaf sedar diri ke? Ataupun memang kalo final year ni  hormone jadi tak tentu hala ke..kejap sedih, kejap down, kejap semangat gile, kejap give up, kejap blur. Whatever, I just wanna stress that until this moment, I lack of motivation . Do pray for me please :'(

#PrayforArifah hehehe

epadzz : : orang kalau dia rasa orang lain je yang salah, jujur nak cakap ego dia memang tinggi mencakar langit.. Berat lidah mau minta maaf. Bukan jadi kecik pon kalo minta maaf. Seriously, you love Allah to forgive you yet you find it very difficult to forgive other people?? I don't need your forgiveness , cos I already gave mine to you, brah!

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