Sunday, February 2, 2014



She gave me a call..

Ya: "Arifah, Solusi bumper issue keluar dah. Awak dah beli ke?"
Arifah: "A'ah..Beli dah."
Ya: "Ok. Assalamu'alaikum."
Arifah: "Wa'alaikumussalam."

She is one of my close friends. When I need helps, to her I run. When she needs advice on something beyond her knowledge, she would find me. But, most of the times, I am the one who seek her for helps. Truth be told I miss her so much. It has been a week. We are not in the same school anymore for this practicum. That means, I have to do things on my own. I hope that she will do good without me.

epadzz: : Deleting someone from your memory is never easy. It is hard in the beginning, however, you will find it worth your time from missing someone who doesn't even think about you. ;)

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nur azwa said...

cam tawu je sape dimaksudkn tu.huhu